Welcome to The Black Travel Code, the travel agency and blog for the traveler that likes to have fun, experience new things, and have a GOOD TIME.



Why The Black Travel Code? 

An alternative meANing of “Black” is “Intelligence Operations”.  We want you to travel with intelligence operating with our travel code!

We are by no way full-time travelers! We have day jobs and travel on vacations, weekends, and holidays!  We try to travel whenever we can and of course when the money is right!


We have traveled to many destinations! 


We have been lost, we have been scammed, we have spent more money than we should have, we have made good decisions, some bad decisions, we have stayed in some great places, we have stayed in some OK places…

but we have always had a GOOD TIME.


We have been around a lot of our friends/family/acquaintances that feel like traveling internationally is a chore.  People feel that flying a lot of hours to go to a destination is not worth it.  YOU ARE SO WRONG.  It is worth it!  The experiences alone are something that will stay with you FOREVER. 

Invest in your culture and memories!


We created this travel agency and travel blog to accomplish a few things:

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